Tableau Developer Professional Certification Course

Program Name - Tableau Developer Professional Certification Course

The only professional certification course you need to learn become Tableau developer.

Course Overview

This comprehensive Tableau course is designed to equip learners with a thorough understanding of Tableau’s capabilities across 22 modules. It begins with foundational knowledge in data preparation using Tableau Prep, advancing through intermediate and advanced topics including Tableau Desktop functionalities, data visualization techniques, dashboard creation, and SQL database manipulation. The curriculum also covers performance monitoring, practical real-world data analysis projects, and concludes with a professional internship, offering extensive hands-on experience to prepare learners for a career in data analytics.

What You'll Learn?

In this Tableau course, you’ll learn to effectively prepare data using Tableau Prep, create complex visualizations, and manage Tableau Desktop environments. You’ll advance through SQL techniques, master dashboard design, and perform real-time data analysis. Additionally, the course includes performance optimization and professional project work, culminating in a practical internship to refine your data analytics skills.

Internship Program:

In addition to the course, you will participate in a 3-month internship involving six live projects. Upon successful completion, you will receive an Internship Certificate.

Letter of Recommendation:

Upon successfully completing the program and internship, you will also receive a Letter of Recommendation (LOR).


48 Hours (8 Weeks) + 3 Months (Internship Program)


Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Online, Microsoft SQL Management Studio


Basic Excel Knowledge

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1. What is Tableau?
2. Why Tableau?
3. Tableau Products
4. Data Visualization
5. Business Intelligence tools
6. Tableau Architecture
7. Tableau Server Architecture
8. VizQL
9. Introduction to Tableau Prep
10. Tableau Prep Builder User Interface
11. Data Preparation techniques using Tableau Prep Builder tool

1. Introduction to Tableau Desktop
2. Start Page
3. Connections and Sheets

1. Connect to an Excel Data set
2. Preliminary data checks
3. Manage Data Properties
4. Rename a data field
5. Assign an alias to a data value
6. Assign a geographic role to a data field
7. Change data type for a data field (number, date, string, Boolean, etc.)
8. Change default properties for a data field (number format, aggregation, Color, date format, etc.)
9. Explain difference between Live vs Extract
10. Tableau File types

1. Explain role of Worksheet, Dashboard, Story
2. Dimension and Measures Pane
3. Column and Row Shelves
4. Auto Generated Fields in Tableau
5. Discrete vs Continuous Fields
6. Show Me Feature

1. Text Table
2. Highlighter Table
3. Bar chart
4. Line chart
5. Bubble Chart
6. Stacked Chart
7. Side by Side Chart
8. Filled Maps
9. Symbol Maps
10. Bullet chart
11. Tree Map
12. Heat Map
13. Mark Cards
14. Histogram
15. Butterfly Chart
16. Waterfall Chart
17. 10 Advanced Charts

1. Data source Filters
2. Extract Filters
3. Dimension Filters
4. Measure Filters
5. Context Filters
6. Order of operations
7. Add Date filter to view
8. Customizing Show filters

1. Groups
2. Sets
3. Combined Sets
4. Parameters

1. Sorting
2. Headers
3. Palettes
4. Font and Alignment
5. Marks cards
6. Add Totals, Sub Totals and Grand Totals to Report

1. Reference line
2. Reference Band
3. Reference Distribution
4. Trend Line
5. Forecasting
6. Table Calculations

1. Date Expressions
2. String Expressions
3. Numeric Expressions
4. Logical Expressions


1. Joining multiple tables
2. Union Data
3. Blend
4. Relationship

1. Understanding Dashboard Layout
2. Blank Container
3. Add Headers and Borders
4. Horizontal and Vertical Containers
5. Text
6. Image
7. Web Page
8. Navigation
9. Download

1. Dashboards for Phone, Tablet
2. Dashboard Actions
3. Filters
4. Story

1. Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online
2. Interacting with Content on Tableau Online
3. Data Management through Tableau Catalog
4. AI-Powered features in Tableau Online (Ask Data and Explain Data)
5. Understand Scheduling
6. Managing Permissions on Tableau Online
7. Data Security with Filters in Tableau Online

1. Real time Projects
2. How to analyze the data and get insight from it?
3. How to approach any business scenario/problem?
4. How to solve any business scenario/problem?
5. How to create a story on any business scenario/problem?

1. How to track performance of a dashboard?
2. How to understand the output of performance tracker?
3. Best practices to improve dashboard performance
4. Other tips related to performance monitoring and improvement

  1. Introduction to Databases
  2. Understanding SQL and Its Importance
  3. Basic SQL Syntax
  4. SELECT Statement: Retrieving Data
  5. WHERE Clause: Filtering Data
  1. Sorting Data: ORDER BY Clause
  2. Filtering Data: WHERE Clause (continued)
  3. Aggregating Data: GROUP BY Clause
  5. Subqueries and Derived Tables
  1. SQL Functions: COUNT, SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN
  2. Modifying Data: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
  3. Data Integrity: Constraints
  4. Windows functions (rank, dense rank, etc.)

1. How to create Tableau Public profile and its importance?
2. Mock-up
3. Tips and tricks in Tableau
4. Interview questions
5. Mock interviews
6. Interview tips
7. How to crack job interview
8. How to register for freelancing work
9. How to get freelance work


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