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About Tech Learniversity

Since our inception in 2021, Tech Learniversity has been dedicated to mastering the art of online education. Our unwavering commitment to delivering quality education, exceptional services, and unparalleled customer support has fostered a loyal community that continues to grow. We relentlessly pursue improvement and expansion to serve learners worldwide. Our graduates, now employed by multinational corporations, stand testament to the transformative impact of our training programs.

Tech Learniversity stands as a premier e-learning platform, offering live, interactive online training across a wide range of subjects, including Data Science, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, and more. Our affordable and accessible learning solutions serve a global audience, creating a vast community of learners from the US, India, the UK, Canada, and beyond.

About Me

Welcome to Tech Learniversity, led by visionary Founder, Director, and CEO, M Sendil Kumar. With a relentless passion for transforming education through technology, M Sendil Kumar brings 15 years of expertise in IT field. Their leadership and commitment to creating innovative and accessible learning solutions drive our mission to revolutionize the way we teach and learn.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong belief in the power of education, M Sendil Kumar continues to spearhead the evolution of our EdTech firm, forging partnerships, and driving innovation. As we navigate the future of education, M Sendil Kumar’s vision and leadership guide us towards a world where learning knows no boundaries.

M Sendil Kumar, Founder, Director, CEO


At Tech Learniversity, our mission is to empower learners and professionals worldwide by providing accessible, high-quality, and interactive online education. We aim to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements through comprehensive instructor-led training programs, ensuring every student and professional can achieve their full potential.


Our vision is to become the foremost global platform in online education, revolutionizing learning by making top-tier education accessible to everyone, everywhere. We strive to foster a world where continuous learning and skill enhancement are not just valued but are easily attainable for individuals and organizations aiming for excellence.


  1. To provide a diverse range of live, instructor-led training courses that cater to the needs of students, professionals, and corporations worldwide.
  2. To continuously update and tailor our curriculum to match the evolving industry standards and technological advancements.
  3. To build a global learning community that supports and inspires each other, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
  4. To establish strategic partnerships with educational institutions and corporations, enhancing the learning experience and employability of our students.
  5. To achieve a learner satisfaction rate of over 95%, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence in education.


  1. Quality Education: Committing to the highest standards of teaching and learning outcomes.
  2. Learner-Centric: Focusing on the needs and aspirations of our learners, providing personalized support and guidance.
  3. Innovation: Embracing technological advancements to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences.
  4. Integrity: Operating with honesty and transparency, building trust within our community.
  5. Inclusivity: Ensuring our courses are accessible to learners from diverse backgrounds and geographies.

Why Choose Us

Class will be live Instructor led training and the trainers are experienced software working professionals in MNC’s. They face challenges every day at work and they know how to tackle them which they will teach it to the students. Trainers will teach them theory, concepts along with giving them basic to advanced level examples which will be useful for the students when they attend any interview or while working in any company.

Our trainers are experienced software working professionals in MNC’s so the training will be in-depth which will make the students Industry ready and the students can work independently when they join any company.

Students will be provided 3 to 8 live projects in a particular course so that they get enough practice during and after completion of the course. This will give them confidence to work with any company as the level of work in any company will be complex.

Students will be able to view the recorded class video on Tech Learniversity app online and offline by downloading the video in mobile. They can also watch the video in desktop and laptop by using our web version.

Students will be getting Internship Certificate after completion of Internship Program which is of 3 months. We provide Internship program in almost each course so that they will find it easy to join and work with any company after completion of Internship Program. If any student has already done any course from others but only want to do Internship Program from us, they can also join our Internship Program of 3 months.

After successful completion of the Course and Internship Program they will get Letter of Recommendation (LOR) if they perform well as per instructions provided to them by the respective trainers.

We have designed all our courses and Internship Program in such a way that the students get real time working experience. This will benefit students to work independently when they join any company.

There will be a separate session for Job Interview preparation where our trainers will guide the students about how to crack any interview, help in resume preparation and also provide tips and tricks for interview. We will also provide resources which will help in preparation of the Interview.

We also provide customize training based on the student requirements. We conduct free demo to student so that student get a chance to interact with trainer before they take the 1 to 1 class.

We also provide customize training to small groups based on students requirements. We conduct free demo to students so that students get a chance to interact with trainer before they take the small group class.

Students are also eligible for referral bonus once they purchase a course from us.

We will also provide tips on how to register for freelance work so that they can work as a full-time freelancer or part time freelancer to earn extra income during their free time.

We will have experts and students who can discuss their queries, doubts and also can share their thoughts, solutions with each other.

We will provide superfast support to any queries or concern so that our students are satisfied with our services.

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